RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging

Provides a protocol between both next-generation SMS and offers a huge leap in functionality for both business and customers By Rich Communication Service(RCS).

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RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging Services Ahmedabad

  RCS Stands for Rich Communication Service. RCS Messaging is the next generation of SMS and providing a mobile app's rich functionality in messages. No installing, no downloading. Just tapping. The overall aim of RCS is for it to eventually replace SMS and MMS messaging, the formats we're all familiar with as they have been around for years. RCS messaging is very much like WhatsApp, where live chat can take place, including multi-media support, with everything handled via the data network. The flow of conversation between your agent and a user is similar to a conversation between two people, with each party taking turns speaking, listening, and responding to the other. Your RBM agent initiates conversations with users.

Awesome Features

Branded Business Messaging

  Your customers are used to SMS text messages, so why not take advantage of it? Add your personal touch and make them aware they are texting with you in their messaging inbox.

Delivered Rich Media

  Boost your brand and communication with your customers by delivering enriched messages they can trust. Add your logo, brand name, videos, images, and carousels to your offers and convert every interaction Because A PICTURE TELLS A THOUSAND WORDS.

Handset capability check and SMS Fallback

  When sending an RCS message, our system performs a capability check to determine whether the end user's phone can receive and properly display an RCS message.

Chip lists

  A chip list is a set of buttons that suggest a reply or an action. When the end user taps a chip (a button), an MO message is sent that triggers the next step in a predefined workflow. For example, an RCS message promoting a concert could have buttons that let the user link to a web page or purchase tickets. Both of these buttons trigger different workflows.

Auto-response to MO messages

  When an end user replies to a message that you've sent, our system can respond automatically with a predefined message. For example, if your MT message gives the user the option to contact your support team, you might provide a 'Support' button for the user to tap, or let the user text "support" back for more help.

Custom branding, colors, and rich media content

  With RCS messaging you have the ability to custom-brand the message with your company's logo and colors, and include rich media content such as images, video, and rich cards (also called carousels).

Blacklist Management

  Just like SMS and MMS, RCS messaging always needs to provide the end user with a way to opt out. With RCS the user experience is the same as SMS in that an end user can text STOP or tap a "Stop" button if one is provided.

Delivery and Read Receipts

  When you send an RCS message, you can receive a read receipt, which simply tells you whether the end user opened the message. Delivery receipts, which are sent from the mobile operator, provide basic information about the message's status.

Content management

  RCS messages contain rich media such as images, video, and interactive elements like rich cards and action buttons. You'll need to store the media files for these elements in a content management system (CMS).

Message localization

  Use this feature in conjunction with auto-responder to deliver localized responses to each country.

Why choose us for the
RCS Messaging?

  You can send More than 6 images and videos to customer at that time.
  Enjoy greater security than is found with apps.
  Analyze campaigns by measuring read receipts, transactions, and other suggested replies and actions.
  High-resolution photo and file sharing.
  RCS takes inspiration from the world’s most popular over-the-top (OTT) messaging channels to ‘beautify’ business messaging.
  RCS brings additional functionality by providing read receipts, typing indicators, and response and action notifications - in real time.
  RCS drives higher customer engagement.

RCS Messaging

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