Run your marketing campaign with great ease that serves the quickest way to reach customers.


Often, you do not need to communicate with your customer at all. A missed call is enough to connect and engage with each other. Leeway Softech offers cloud based missed call alert services that will aid you to boost a number of leads and let you easily connect with your client base. Our missed call solutions provide a quick acquisition of clients and their detail in real-time. Every obtained missed call is an anticipated customer.

A missed call marketing campaign allows you to tap audiences from multiple regions with internet/smartphone perceptiveness. It will help to enhance the reach of your business with a miss call marketing number. In this way, you can maximize your targeted audience as well.

It is significant to get the feedback from your customer, to conduct poll and surveys to support your outbound marketing campaigns. Utilize our missed call solutions to give a call back to your valuable customers with detailed service information free of cost for them.


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After seeing your ad a customer go for a call on your virtual number.

When a customer’s call lands on your virtual number, it gets disconnected. Your virtual number is connected to the miss-call flow in your account.

When a caller’s call disconnected, their contact info can be exported to a Google spreadsheet.

To inform a customer, an auto generated call back or SMS can be initiated once a missed call lands on your virtual number.

Features we are offering:

Easy updates

Customer verification

Opt-in/out of lists

Registration/Lead generation


Increase downloads

Gather feedback

Number of miscalls

Email, SMS and IVR integration

visibility of past data

A complete cloud system

Live reports

Customized API

CRM Integration

A complete contact list

Text to speech

Web-based panel

We are providing below service as well:

SMTP providing

Real Time Data In Portal

Reseller panel providing

In Miss call Services VMN provide

API providing

Mobile Number choosing

Group creation

Instant report

Excel files Data Import & Data Export

Unlimited sender id

Lifetime validity for SMS Service Only.

Why to choos us
for the
misscall services?


we help you to configure and control all your customer engagement campaigns on hosted cloud based infrastructure. It is completely secure as well as extensible.


With our 24/7 customer support as well as redundant structure, you will get the utmost ROI for your marketing campaigns.