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We are crafting each feature to suit your unique business needs.Your need and our services for the same made us the best bulk SMS solutions provider globally. Suppose you want to promote your brand smartly, In that case, we are the best bulk sms, otp, text, sms online,otp sms service, text messaging, sms, text marketing and gateway login provider.Ultimate solutions for boosting a business is our prime motto.

We provide five types of messaging services :

1) 2-way Messaging

 We understand the significance of every single message you send to your customers.We interact with prospective clients that have responded to our campaigns and engage with leads in real time conversations.You can track the status of SMS delivery with our real-time delivery and click reports.

2) Picture Messaging

 Using our Picture Messaging Sevice you can link up a variety of attachments to you SMS like images, files, videos, pdfs and much more like these with just a button click.

3) Mail 2 SMS

 With the help of our Mail 2 SMS service we remould your Email to SMS which is a fastest way without altering your current system.Using this service we directly send your mail to client without any alteration.

4) A2P Messaging

 Our A2P sevice is mainly transparent to our clients.Our service delivers a host of unique features like enhanced data security & customization to handle unique business requirements with round-the-clock support.

5) Push Notification

 We Schedule your SMS for upcoming time and date using push notification. You can also stumble your campaign to send in different lots.

bulk sms

We are delivering all that you need for better SMS communication.

  Enable a specific touch to your SMS by adding names, IDs and other required details without any plug-ins.

  Effortlessly add and remove opt-outs straight from the portal.

 Type and send SMS in multiple languages with our transliteration tool.

 Our SMS solution is a one-stop shop that takes care of all bulk business sms needs of an enterprise.

 Transparency is enhanced with the billing platform charging solely on the basis of messages delivered to handsets.

Bulk SMS service & Interactive SMS service

  Our sms solution comes in two variations - Bulk sms and Interactive SMS. Bulk SMS services are offered as a simple web-based application or as an API interface, as the case may be, and only requires a PC with internet to get started.

 Utilizing our APIs, integration is fast, simple and reliable. The APIs allow integration to any front-End or legacy system over standard protocols, with a direct connection to our gateway.

 Interactive SMS or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a GSM technology used to interact between a mobile and the Business Service network. The Interactive SMS can be either one way or interactive depending on the customer's requirements. While it is similar to conventional SMS in Some ways, Interactive SMS cannot be stored on the mobile and the two way interactions happen between the application and the mobile during the session only.


 One-stop shop for both applications/API integration and simple connectivity needs
 Customization as per customer business requirement
 Control on costs with flexible pricing model and volume based discounting options
 Highest level of security
 Faster delivery of message

Bulk SMS Services Ahmedabad
Transactional SMS

Transactional sms services are extensively used globally by many sectors for marketing and for providing end to end information of the product or services. Transactional SMS service is an easy way to share information regarding your business.
Your firm or company gets the benefits in, either way, i.e. account balance information and essential updates by opts, text messages, or Transactional SMS service with a proper alert. Transnational sms service is a form of simple text SMS used to send & received alerts, updates, OTPs, requests, passwords, etc.
Incorporate business, education, banking sector, bulk SMS Service is a green carpet to expand your customers’ expertise and satisfaction with your service. Leeway Softech company committed to providing a secure transactional SMS service effectively.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS service extensively used by several companies for promotion, marketing and other business purposes. Promotional SMS service is the most effective chain to connect with customers by business brand or service in the modern era without building another infrastructure.Promotional sms service is in format of text ,picture messages,text message.
Leeway softech company knows the customer’s willingness and how to raise business, sales or service with an effective strategy.
Our SMS service provider expertise team knows how to reach the audience for promoting your business, and how to get leads with the use of SMS service.Leeway Softech company committed to providing a secure promotional SMS service effectively.

Why choose us for Messaging Services?

 bulk sms service Provides dedicated capacity available, 24x7
 #1 sms service Trustworthy and transparent billing
 sms service need only Charging basis delivery to mobile handset
 Flexible pricing model based on volumes of SMS
 Database and sender ID security
 SLA based on scenarios

Bulk SMS Provider Ahmedabad

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