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The fusion of eCommerce and retail sector is a trend which is increasingly becoming popular among many businesses. In recent times, customers are increasingly demanding more personalized and advanced engagement and service options from the companies they work with. This means that businesses must keep up with the increasing expectations of customers in order to maintain their customer base.

One way for eCommerce and retail sector to provide better customer service is by using convenient and advanced communication services such as 1-2 Way SMS, CPaaS, Bulk Email, and Whats App Chatbot Service.

1-2 Way SMS: This type of SMS messaging allows the customer to send a text message to the eCommerce and retail store and have a response sent back instantly. This allows customers to quickly receive an answer to their queries and provides an efficient way for companies to monitor customer service. CPaaS,Bulk Email: Bulk messaging allows businesses to send large volume of messages to their customers at once. This helps in creating customer engagement and also in running promotional campaigns. Whats App Chatbot Service: This service provides businesses with an AI-powered bot which is available 24/7 via Whats App. This helps customers gain access to instant answers and services at any time. The chatbot is capable of understanding customer requests and appropriately responding, making it easy for customers to get their questions answered quickly.

With the help of these services, eCommerce and retail sector can provide their customers with efficient and personalized communication services, keeping them satisfied and engaged. This helps them to build a long-term relationship with their customers and have a larger base of loyal customers.

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