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Convert peoples to potential customer of your brand. Grow Your ROI by WhatsApp Chatbot Integration. Make easier to discover new product/service for your customer.

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BUSINESS WhatsApp Integration

Whats App Integration

 WhatsApp has become a popular platform for businesses to connect with customers, and business WhatsApp Chatbot integration is a great way to contact this platform.

 WhatsApp Chatbot integration allows businesses:

Easily connect with customers.

Providing them with real-time customer service support.

Build robotic chatbots that can answer customer questions and inquiries.

As well as provide customers with product and service information.

This allows businesses to provide their customers with a more humane experience, as it allows them to respond to customer queries in seconds.

WhatsApp Business chatbots provide customers with additional features, such as product suggestions, order tracking, and loyalty.This can also be used to send marketing messages to customers, helping businesses increase their customer base and improve customer engagement.

WhatsApp chatbot integration is a great way for businesses to leverage the power of WhatsApp Business, improve customer service and support, provide customers with a more personalized experience, and help them better understand their products and services.

Basically, WhatsApp Chatbot is a set of automated replies that simulates a human conversation on WhatsApp. From May 22nd, WhatsApp will provide its business API to any size of business. In the past, it was only available for large or medium-sized businesses. But now small companies can also take advantage of the WhatsApp Business API and grow their businesses online.

The WhatsApp bot is the easiest way to communicate with customers. Leeway Softech provides WhatsApp business API integration services as a Business Solution Provider (BSP). In this era, people should prefer WhatsApp messages over email and text messages. Through WhatsApp, it is easy to chat with customers in 180 countries and 60+ languages.

Make the campaign personal and engage with the user.


  1. Official Business Account (well known as “Green Tick”)

  2. Business Account

Whats App Greentick API with 25 Functions More than


 2-way Communications

 Chat Automation

 More than 2 billion users

 Network in 180 Countries

 Support 60+ languages

 Available for any size of business

 Better User Experience

 Personalized campaigns

 Establish trust through Green Tick.

 Product/Service Catalogue

 Secured by End-to-End Encryption

 Sales and support in one place

 Quick Setup

 Easy to Re-Market

 24/7 connected with customers

 Set custom replies for FAQs.

 Campaign Scheduling

 Automate store notification

 Monitor Chat Analysis

 Integrate with Facebook Ads

 Set up call-to-actions like “Buy Now, Call Now, Visit Now, etc.”

 Share multimedia messages.

 Reduce calls and emails.

 Payment Update

 Personal Finance Update

 Reservation update

 Shipping Update

 Ticket Update

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